Our Green Space


Regenerate Our Green Space is a volunteer organisation based in Fortrose & Rosemarkie in the Scottish Highlands.

We wish to create places which are useful and beautiful green spaces that are inclusive for people and wildlife, while encouraging a cohesive and strong community spirit.


A growing community project

Good News!
We have found land to buy for a community garden and food growing project.

It’s a 0.69 acre field adjoining Ness Road and Ross Crescent, separated from the adjacent field by a fence.  The land is not cultivated currently.  (See the area bounded by the blue dots).

Scottish Land Fund have agreed to help with the purchase, but the need to know we have the support of local people.

You can show your support by becoming a member of Regenerate Our Green Space. It’s free and no other action is needed.

Sign up and together we can create a beautiful and useful green space which belongs to the Community.

The more local people become Members, the better chance we have of getting the funding.

Become a member

What does becoming a member involve?
Becoming a member is free, and there is no obligation to volunteer unless you choose to do so.

However, there will be numerous opportunities for you to volunteer and actively participate in various projects.

Have your say.

We would like to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see in a community-owned and managed space that focuses on sustainability, the environment, and positive community action.

Please take a moment to complete this survey and share your ideas for this space.

Growing Together

Some of the ways you can be part of our growing community.

Wildflowers at the Cathedral

Wildflowers at the Cathedral

In an exciting new project Historic Environment Scotland has teamed up with Regenerate Our Green Space to plant native wildflowers in the grounds of the historic Cathedral in the village of Fortrose.  If you are keen to help with this project, join our mailing list to...

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Take a minute to complete our community survey.

Take a minute to complete our community survey.

Regenerate Our Green Space continue to search for suitable green space in the Fortrose area to set up allotments and a community garden. The Scottish Land Fund have awarded us money to develop our ideas.  So now we want to consult the Fortrose and Rosemarkie...

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We’re happy to be a Co-op Local Community Fund cause.

Co-op members can support ROGS when they shop. Select us in the Co-op app or website and every time you buy a Co-op product we receive a donation.

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