As part of or research into allotments and community gardens, Morag visited Cromarty Allotments. 

Cromarty Allotments overlooks the entrance to Cromarty Firth, known as “The Souters”, and is next to the seashore. There are approx. 20 Allotments, about 5 full-size and 15 smaller-size.  The site is rented for approximately £100 per year from a local private landlord.  The annual cost of a full plot is £40, and a half plot is £20.  Membership fee is a one-off of £5.00.  Members must also commit to looking after the museum garden and tubs.  Currently there are three on the waiting list.  

Members need to be using or enjoying their plot, and need to be there regularly, but there’s “no big stick” or difficult emails if someone isn’t looking after their plot. Paths are grass, and mostly these are looked after by a Committee member, and the Committee pay someone to look after the perimeter hedge-cutting.  It’s all organic.  There’s only one shed which is used by everyone, and they provide their own tools.  No trees or structures above head height are allowed.  Seats are allowed.

My impression is of a very relaxed, private (due to the hedge), with members who are interested in experimenting with unusual plants such as goji and corn.  Seaweed is used by some as fertiliser.

Plan of Cromarty Allotments
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